In the debate on terrorism in Paris and the migrant crisis published on Facebook, opposition leader Janez Jansa has criticized the Slovenian prime minister for allowing illegal transit of migrants across Slovenia and warning of the possibility for self-organized citizens to stop migrant waves.

It is now deciding on the future of Europe and Slovenia because the Schengen area of ​​free movement in Europe is one of the biggest civilizations of the EU, but Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar instead of saving Schengen and stopping the illegal entry of illegal migrants into Slovenia permits their free passage and thus contributes to the destruction Schengen, Jansa says.
Janša estimates that there is more and more people thinking about leaving the European Union due to the current immigration crisis in the UK.
The Slovene government is unaware of its harmful practices with regard to migrants threatened by exclusion from Schengen, so it is possible that the citizens are self-organizing and begin to control the border in order to prevent the illegal entry of migrants into Slovenia, Jansa warned.
For US President Barack Obama, he said he made a big mistake and immediately stated that the US would not intervene with the land army in areas under the control of the so-called. Islamic States, although it is clear that only the air can not defeat it.