Interpol has identified 5.800's foreign jihadists around the 25.000 that have joined jihadist groups in countries like Syria and Iraq, the head of the international police cooperation agency said on Wednesday.

Interview Director Juergen Stock spoke in Seville at a conference on combating terrorism, a few days after the terrorist attacks in Paris where 129 people were killed and the Islamic state assumed responsibility. More people suspected of being involved, French and Belgian citizens, allegedly went through Syria.

"The organization has at this time identified around 5.800 foreign fighters, alleged jihadists, coming from more than 50 countries," said Juergen Stock.

He added, however, that their total number was likely to be around 25.000, and estimated that greater co-operation between the states on that plan was needed.

"Information is the foundation of police work. The information must be shared with Interpol," he said.

Law enforcement experts gathered in Seville at a three-day conference aimed at exchanging experiences of combating terrorism.