Investigations in the murder of two soldiers in Sarajevo have been taken over by the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as there are indications that this could be a criminal offense of terrorism, Boris Grubesic spokesman Boris Grubešić confirmed on Thursday.

The state prosecutor's office, whose mandate is to prosecute the most serious criminal offenses, the case of the murder of two members of the BiH Armed Forces has been taken over by the Sarajevo County Prosecution Office, which was investigated immediately after the attack on Wednesday night.
The attacker, identified as Enes Omeragić (34), fired into a single bookmaker in Sarajevo's Rajlovac suburb, killing soldiers Armin Salkić (26) and Nedeljko Radić (34).
The killer fled after the attack, but the police locate him and encircle him in a home in the Sokolje settlement where he lived, and Omeragic faced an inevitable arrests sometime before the midnight bombing of the bomb he was activating at home.
The motives of the attacker are still speculating, and among the various versions, it is the recent proliferation of radical Islamists, and it is assumed that the attack was a terrorist act.
The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) is assisted by the State Prosecution Office (SIPA), whose spokeswoman Kristina Jozić also confirmed that the possible terrorist background of the attack is at the center of the investigators' attention.
"The attack on two soldiers in Rajlovac has elements of a terrorist act," Jozić said.