Since the middle of last month until now, 236.877 migrants and refugees have entered Slovenia, and in the last 24 hours of 6.077, data reported by the Slovenian police on Thursday morning, which continues with normal migrant registration procedures despite yesterday's strike.

The Syndicate of the Slovenian police, which has been in strike since Wednesday and called for wage increases and improvement of working conditions for police officers, claims that despite the strike, the registration and acceptance procedure of refugees and migrants at the border with Croatia has slowed down and is happening normally.
Police will continue to carry out the tasks given to them, and work with migrants will normally continue, said police union representative Radovan Urošević.
Almost 250 police officers and police officers from the Novo Mesto Police Administration are working daily at the reception and registration of migrants.
"The registration process takes two to three minutes. Personal data and migrant photographs are introduced into the computer system and are then automatically checked in the national and Interpol databases, "Novo Mesto Bojan Tomc police spokesman said.
Many migrants do not have personal documents, but they have electronic passports for those who have a passport, after which fingerprints are taken, and baggage and persons' security checks are made before registering, Tomc added.
After the terrorist attacks in Paris late last week, the Slovenian police reinforced the security control of migrants and refugees entering the country, but it is not satisfied with the right opposition claiming that in a new security situation the failure of the refugees should be completely suspended because it is "illegal entry" in a country of aliens who can often not identify any documents or have counterfeit and fake documents.
The issue of the refugee crisis will be, with the EU reform proposed by the United Kingdom, one of the issues of today's working meeting of Prime Minister Mire Cerar with British Prime Minister David Cameron in London.