Ivan Kovačić's Spokesman, after talks on governance and local self-government in HDZ, on Thursday afternoon again addressed the morning interviews in the SDP headquarters, saying that with the coalition Croatia has been growing more than the 90 percent of the Bridges of the linked program for the reform of administration and local self-government.

"There is no controversy, 90 percent of things we have agreed, even more, from our program. We are satisfied, we will now exhibit it at the center of Mosta in Smičiklas. Of course, it will be a tough decision whether this is only a primary consent to the post-commemorative time, given the establishment of authority, or they really really think so. It is up to us to evaluate, "Kovacic said.

He confirmed that the SDP agrees to regionalization and the reduction of the number of counties but also stressed that it was in a short time impossible to decide which number should be the number of counties or units of local self-government.

"We can not even decide in two hours whether to put it in five, seven, ten, or 15 counties. Both left the open question of reducing the number of counties, which the profession should see. Likewise, the reduction of the number of municipalities and cities on some 150, 200, or will be even more radical, we will leave the profession but agree on one another, "he said.

He also discovered that special conditions for the region of Istria and Dubrovnik were not established at the SDP negotiations.

Although Bridge stands at the pre-election pledge to reduce the salaries of parliamentarians, the question as well as the issue of reducing the number of MPs has not been the subject of negotiations with major coalitions. Kovačić announced that the Bridge in the Parliament would propose to reduce parliamentary salaries.

He did not want to specify where SDP was not reached. "Not that we did not agree, the possibility of discussion was open. I do not think it would be right for us to reject either side either for five or 10 percent, but no one has been rejected, but only the possibility of discussion has been left, "he said.

Asked what will happen after the negotiations are over, he replied: "Then you will let us, we will discuss, the MPs of the National Assembly at the National Council and we will make a decision."

He confirmed that negotiations with both major coalitions will continue on Friday, when the agenda should be agriculture, and on Monday, when the financial package will be discussed.

The journalists were interested in whether Kovacic was embarrassed to enter the HDZ premises, the party with which he was in the rivalry at the local level.

"It is normal for people to expect that those who have fought in the local community with them simply have no conversation with them. Of course here it is a slightly different, higher goal, it is still a country and it would be irresponsible for all of us not to give equal opportunities to both of us. Unfortunately, with this function, we have assumed the responsibility to exclude some sort of prejudice and personal animosity, because simply you should pay attention only to the improvement, let God do it, "Kovacic said.

When Bridge would make the final decision she could not say. "I do not know, let's wait at least Monday to finish the other conversations," Kovacic said. (Hina)