Post-negotiation negotiations are reckless, time lags behind, and we live in circumstances where the country's most significant document, the state budget, has a temporary character, the president of the Croatian Laborers' Association (HURS) Ozren Matijašević said on Friday.

Since the budget is effective up to 31. this is a sufficient reason for appeal to Bridge, SDP and HDZ that it is time to compromise, which can not accumulate new expenditures because Croatia can not afford it, Matijašević said at a press conference.

The President of HURS reminded today that Croatia is now in blockade longer than 60 on 36.777 business districts and more than 321.000 citizens, and the debt is larger than 299 billions.

That is why an urgent compromise is needed to establish a government that will in time make a new budget and recognize the current state, he said.

Sibenik has not been accidentally chosen as a press conference because TLM passes through Golgotha, and HURS thus backs the legitimate demands of workers to make concrete decisions, the conference said.