Brilliant US analyst Jonathan Pollard, who was convicted in America as an Israeli spy on Friday after serving 30 years of imprisonment released from the US Penitentiary, but hoping not to harm relations with the United States, the Israeli government had instructed its officials not to face it .

Pollard (61), a former US Navy employee, has for decades been an apple of disagreement in Washington and Israel relations.
Under the terms of the release of Conditional Release Pollard for the next five years, he must not leave the US territory.
A brilliant analyst with a Stanford University degree has been found guilty of 1987. since Israel since June is 1984. to arrests in November 1985. submitted thousands of secret documents about US spy activities, mostly in Arab countries.
This helped Israel to 1985. bombing the headquarters of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), which then operated in Tunis, and to kill another man of PLO Abu Džihad in Tunisia 1988.
However, for the United States Pollard spy, which has caused great damage to US interests in the Cold War era. According to some sources Pollard has given important information to Israel and not only to Israel, which could fall into the hands of the then Soviet enemy.
Year 1987. was sentenced to life imprisonment for transferring secret information to Israel. He is the only American who has ever been given a lifetime prison sentence because he spied on an American ally. He defended himself by arguing that he was spying just because the US intelligence services denied the key security information to Israel.
Pollard's desire to emigrate to Israel where his wife lives. While in jail, he was granted Israeli citizenship, and he hopes to pay substantial sums of Israeli state's remaining salaries. Meanwhile, it also became the icon of the Israeli right.
Pollard's conditional release from prison was agreed several days after the Western powers with Iran agreed on a controversy over which Iran would lift the sanctions in exchange for abandoning the development of nuclear weapons.
Observers estimate that this move is a concession to Washington, Israel, strongly opposed to an agreement with Iran, a country Israel considers hostile to the region.
The news of Polllard's release was welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "After three long and heavy decades Jonathan is finally back with his family," the Israeli Prime Minister said, and the DPA agency reports.
But Netanyahu has instructed his ministers to do so modestly in order not to frighten the Americans.
"We have been asked not to talk about it extensively," Naftali Bennet, the Minister of Education, told reporters on Israeli military radio.
Pollard's lawyers have asked for a presidential pardon for their client to travel to Israel soon after being released from North Carolina prison. US officials accompanying President Barack Obama on a visit to Manila have told Reuters that the president does not mind that.