The Zagreb County Court Monday will discuss the allegations of the indictment against the Zadar mayor and the former HDZ Minister of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Bozidar Kalmeta, accused of sharing with his associates over 15 million and 850.000 euros from public road maintenance and construction companies.

His lawyer, Krešimir Vilajtović Hini, before the indictment session said he hopes the court will dismiss the indictment or return it to Uskoku for finishing because "there is not any material or personal evidence that Kalmeta links to corruption."
5 filed with indictment. June this year, Uskok charges Kalmeta to connect people from his ministry, Croatian Roads (HC) and Croatian Motorways (HAC) to extract multi-millionaires from these state companies.
In addition to Kalmeta, the indictment included 12 defendants, including his closest associates from the ministry - the former state secretary and the president of the HAC Supervisory Board Zdravko Livaković and the state secretary Milivoj Mikulic, who was also in the HAC administration.
Among the defendants were former CFO director Josip Sapunar, who cursed Livakovic and Mukulić as persons who carried the money that the HAC subcontractors paid to the Austrian company of the Czech company Remorker International by Igor Premilovac. The indictment also mentions the former head of the HAC and the Croatian Roads (HC) Stjepko Boban, heads of construction companies Damir Kezele, Ivan Berket, Miroslav Bunić and Petar Peć, and people from HAC and HC Jurica Prskalo, Mario Lovrinčević and Sandro Vukelic.
Kalmeta from the beginning claims to be innocent
But Kalmeta dismissed all claims by Uskoka in media outlets, stating that he did not believe that the indictment would be raised because he "is nothing wrong" and that he does not plan to resign from the mayor's office. "I was deeply confident that this would not happen because I knew I did not hide anything or have anything to do with this subject," Kalmeta said after the indictment was filed.
Even before the HAC affair, which, after Fimi's media, became synonymous with spending money in the private pockets of the first HDZ in Zadar, was also linked to other affairs but he remained uncharted at the top position as explained by analysts by the fact that he has a strong electoral base in his constituency.
For all charges, such as the fact that in his six ministerial years, a mile of highways increased from 4,25 to 17 million, Kalmeta replied that he did not mean to resign because he was not held responsible. So in January, 2011. said he did not know anything about the allegedly high costs that the HAC paid to car dealers from Dugopolje to Ravča. Kalmet's name was also mentioned in the Fimi media trial in September 2012. when former HAC administration member Milivoj Mikulic testified at the HDZ and Sanader trial that the then minister Kalmeta sent him in cooperation with the Fimi media agency.
Several days after the indictment was filed for withdrawing money for road construction against Kalmeta, it became a legally valid investigation for abuses that, together with Livakovic, allegedly damaged the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure for more than 600.000 kuna, ordering through the marketing agency Fimi media propaganda film "Prometna renesansa Croatia ", which allegedly was neither needed nor used. (Hina)