The crisis in a luxury hotel in the capital of Mali Bamak was completed and security forces killed two Islamist strikers, announced security forces.

Malian officials reported that eighteen victims were found in the hotel and UN peacekeepers reported seeing 27 bodies on the two floors of the Radisson Blue hotel.

Armed members of the Islamist group do not hold more hostages in the luxurious hotel in Bamako, Malaysian official Amadou Sangho confirmed.

"These people were taken over by civilian authorities," Sangho said after the action of a small commanding hotel in the hotel to release the remaining hostages of the 170 that had previously been detained by an armed group in the former French colony.

The American hotel owned a lot of foreigners, and at the first action, when 80 hostages were released, three people were killed. Among them is Geoffrey Dieudonne, a member of the parliament of the Belgian region of Valonia.

Assistance was provided by members of the US Special Forces, and the French commandos were sent to the abduction site.

"Eighteen corpses have been found," AFP said in a foreign security source, and a small military source said "two terrorists were killed".

UN peacekeepers have seen around 27 bodies on two floors, UN official told Reuters.

Twelve corpses were in the basement, and 15 on the second floor of the hotel, an unnamed official said, adding that UN forces help small authorities in search of the building.

Little has been fighting for rebel rebels Al'Kaida for years, but for the time being there has been no connection with the attacks in Paris where 130 people were killed a week ago.

Responsibility for the attack was taken over by the African jihadist group associated with Al Qaeda. Al-Murabitun, a group headquartered in Mali, mainly made up of Tuarez and Arabs, has announced a Tweet saying that it is behind the attack on the hotel Radisson Blu and hostage kidnapping. The credibility of the information can not yet be confirmed.

The attackers who entered the hotel and detained the hostages were armed with machine guns, and the action was carried out with shouting in the Arabic "God is great". Islamists were banned on the seventh floor of the hotel, eyewitnesses and security sources said.

In addition to Malija, at the time of the attack at the hotel, guests from eight countries - Algeria, Germany, Belgium, China, France, India, Turkey and the United States -