The interior ministers of the member states agreed on Friday about strengthening the control at the EU's external borders and for Union citizens, Croatian Minister Ranko Ostojić said.

After an extraordinary meeting of Interior and Justice Ministers, Minister Ostojic said that the two most important conclusions were the agreement on an airline passenger register (PNR) on flights within the EU and strengthening of control at the external borders.
"The decision on PNR and systematic control at the external borders are the most important conclusions of today's meeting. This applies not only to Schengen but to the EU's external borders, where systematic control will be carried out not only for citizens from third countries, but also for EU citizens, "Ostojić said.
Ostojic insisted that systematic controls relate to the EU's external borders. "This means that there will be more work for the Croatian police who are to be systematically controlled at the external borders and EU citizens who have traveled far more freewheeling to the freewheel," Ostojic added, adding that Schengen countries have the right to introduce occasional controls, suspension of the Schengen system. "But I would not say that in general. The solution lies at the external borders of the EU, not at the borders of the Schengen countries and those outside, "says Ostojić.
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the commission would propose a reform of Schengen rules by the end of the year.
By Schengen rules, it is now possible to systematically control EU citizens, but it is not mandatory. In order to become an obligation, it is necessary to change the rules.
"This reform will allow systematic and mandatory controls at all external borders and all persons entering the Schengen area, including those who enjoy the right to freedom of movement," Cazeneuve said.
The controls would be carried out by checking the travel documents in the national and European database, as well as Interpol. So far, if at all, the control of EU citizens has only been visually implemented.
An extraordinary meeting was convened at the request of France after the terrorist attacks in Paris a week ago in which 129 people died.
The Council emphasized that, as soon as possible, by the end of this year, the EU Air Passenger Register, which will include flights within the EU, will be completed. So far some member states have opposed this.