The number of casualty victims at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako on Friday night was "at least three terrorists killed or blown up by explosives" and at least 27 killed guests and employees of the hotel, told AFP a small military source.

"The latest victim data is at least three terrorists killed or blasted," said the military source who wanted to remain anonymous, estimating that their total number was no more than four.

At least 27 guests and hotel staff were killed in attack and kidnapping, the source added that did not declare citizenship of the victims.

The hotel continues to search for possible bodies of other victims.

According to earlier data sources in the Malaysian Army and the security forces, two attackers and at least 22 guest and hotel staff were killed.

In the action of the small commandos assisted by US specialists, the remaining hostages of the 170 were freed by the armed group in the former French colony.

Small has been fighting for rebel rebels al-Qaeda for years, but for the time being there has been no connection with the attacks in Paris where 130 people were killed a week ago.

The responsibility for the attack was taken over by the African jihadist group associated with al Qaeda. Al-Mourabitoun, a Malayan-based group largely made up of Tuarez and Arabs, has announced a tweet that says it is behind the attack on the hotel Radisson Blu and the hostage kidnapping.

The attackers who came into the hotel and detained the hostages were armed with machine guns, and the action was carried out with shouting in the Arabic "Allahu Akbar", "God Is Great". Islamists were banned on the seventh floor of the hotel, eyewitnesses and security sources said. (Hina)