Unknown persons thrown on Friday night in the tunnel Salakovac in Mostar from a jumbo vehicle explosive device on a vehicle in which the head of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH General Colonel Anto Jeleč, but no blast was injured, confirmed for Hina general Jeleč and the Interior Ministry of the Herzegovina-Neretva County business.

"There was an explosion in the Salakovac tunnel. I went through the smoke. I saw an explosion and I reported to the police. I did not hurt or my car was damaged, "Jeleč said.
On other details, General Colonel Anto Jeleč, Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH, did not want to speak.
According to Ljudevit Marić, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry of Hercegovačko-neretvanska County, the explosion was reported to the police after the 20.10 hours. An eye-witness is being made and the police collect evidence from the face of the scene. An unknown person dropped an exploding explosive device from the car.
Two days ago, a member of the radical Islamic Wahabi movement killed two gang members of the BiH Armed Forces in Sarajevo.
Marić could not confirm whether it was a new terrorist attack in BiH. (Hina)