Belgian police look for at least two people, one of whom has a bomb, similar to those triggered by suicide bomber bombers in Paris 13 terrorist attacks. November, Belgian media reported.
Belgian media reported that Salah Abdeslam, one of the organizers and executors of the attack in Paris, for whom an international arrest warrant was issued, came from Paris in the Laeken district of Paris, the day after the attack in Paris, 14. November The car was driven by two of his friends from Molenbeek Hamza Attouh (21) and Muhamade Amri (27), who were arrested on Monday.
Lawyer Hamze Attouha, Carine Couquelet, said on Saturday that her client told investigators that Salah Abdeslam was "possibly an explosive" under the jacket.
Attouh, on the last test, allegedly confirmed the rumors that one person saw Salah Abdeslma near the King Baudouin stadium in Brussels.
Lawyer Couquelet transmitted Attouh's words that Abdeslam was "extremely nervous that he might have had an explosive, hidden under his jacket, and was ready to activate it but that he (Attouh) did not personally see an explosive."
Hamza Attouh, according to lawyers, claims that he did not know that Abdeslam was one of the executives attacking Paris.
French police stopped a car traveling from Paris to Brussels in Abdeslam, but his name, the day after the assassination, had not yet been in detention. Two of his friends who drove him were arrested two days later in Molenbeek. Police allegedly controlled the car twice. "Every time it was: get documents, thank you and goodbye," Attouh's attorney says, adding that Abdeslam was "very calm" during his search.