The Slovenian police killed a man who was attacked by a firearm at a neighbor's family with whom he was in jail, and then imprisoned in his house and returned to the fire without wanting to hand over to the police whose two members were injured in the action, the newspaper said on Sunday.

The police summoned a police dog and a policeman, but they are no longer serious, according to a police report that happened on Saturday around the 22 hour.

More details about the event will be known on Monday.
According to a police statement, it all happened in Dolna Vas near Ptuj when a man shot a firearm at a neighbor's house he was in a multi-year dispute. The housewives were hiding in the basement and called on the police that the attacker did not find at the scene.

Special police were also called, and the attacker was found several hours later in his home where he was bribing and refusing to call in and fired at a police officer who killed him.