The Spanish soul sensation The Excitements justified its nickname of dynamite on the stage with a great performance as part of the biggest season party, Jack's Greatest Ever Party, which was held on Saturday in Tucman in Zagreb. Numerous visitors, including Nevena Rendeli i Nataša Janjić, Hrvoje Šalković i Ana Gruica, Mirna Medaković i Hrvoje Stepinac, Antonio Franić, Sandi Cenov te Mateo Cetinski, enjoyed the flamboyant performance of the band led by singer Koko-Jean Davis.The Excitement at The Tucmanu_photo Party by Luka Smuk Nataša Janjić and Nevena Rendeli_photo by Luka Smuk The Excitements by Tucmanu_photo by Luka Smuk Fire Diva Koko-Jean Davis_photo by Luka Smuk The Excitements_photo by Luka Smuk Ana Gruica and Hrvoje Šalković_photo by Luka Smuk Atmosphere at Jacks Greatest Ever Party at Tucmanu_photo by Luka Smuk Koko-Jean Davis of The Excitementsa_photo by Luka Smuk Size-Jean Davis_photo by Luka Smuk

The ferocious soul diva, as called by The Guardian, has revealed to the audience what it means to be an explosive and vibrant performance, and its energy reminded us of the great Tinu Turner. Apart from Koko-Jean Davis, this brilliant band is made by Adrià Gual on guitar rhythm, Daniel Segura on bass guitar, Albert Greenlight on lead guitar, Jose Luis Garrido on drums, Nico Rodríguez Jauregui on baritone chord and Jordi Blanch on tenor saxophone. The group was founded 2010. in Barcelona, ​​and soon won Spain, and then the rest of Europe with its r'n'b and soul sound and exciting live performances. With his concert and music reminding Ettu James, Ikea and Tinu Turner, the early years of James Brown or Sugar Pie de Santo, delighted and gathered in Tucman.

Jack's Greatest Ever Party in Tucman is part of it Gentleman's Jack's Barber Shopa, a project that was launched this year with the aim of offering a unique place where everyone can enjoy a variety of amenities - barber, vintage exhibitions, good panel music and Gentleman Jack's whiskey. The barber is open to 5. December, and it should not be forgotten that it is also humanitarian because all the voluntary contributions will be paid in favor of the Movember action held each year in November when men with the help of mustaches encourage public awareness of prostate cancer. (Matea Lay)