The juvenile Croatian volunteer and the Vukovar defense attorney and the detainee of Serbian concentration camps Darko Pajičić yesterday faced serious injuries he had received two years ago when he was seriously hurt by police officer Saša Sabadoš when he was trying to remove the Cyrillic plate from Police Station Vukovar.

"This tragic event deepened into the thoughts and prayers of every Croat patriot, expressing empathy towards the unconditional struggle of removing Cyrillic as a symbol of the destruction of Hero and all over Croatia - the members of the HSP-AS delegation said today.

In memory of him, the delegation of HSP AS, led by the Parliamentary Deputies, Party Secretary General Perom Ćorić and Party President Ivan Tepeša, in front of PP Vukovar, lit candles. At the delegation of HSP AS, Honorary President of the Chamber of Deputies HSP AS participated in the assembly of VS Tomislav Džanak and the party official and commander of the military police 204. Vukovar brigade 1991. Drago Adžaga with associates.