Rarely, that country of the world can determine the exact hour of death of democracy and human rights as Croatia can do.

Rarely, the world of the world sees it from those in dominant positions, those who should protect and defend their national interests, democracy, laws ... Croatia has experienced it. Tonight around 4 the morning the Vukovar defender, under-age volunteer Darko Pajičić, died. His death has died, democracy, all three pillars of government, died humanity, said the Vukovar Association of Veterans' Associations of Zagreb.

We are still transferring the revelation in full:

Darko died as a result of heavy physical injuries by a police officer Sasa Sabadoša, who was rewarded with a higher and better paid position. After he had exhausted it, he did not allow anybody to get close to Dark who was squeezing in their own blood at those moments. Sabadoš nagrađen !!!! Darko then begins a new cross road, the way he remains crippled, without half head, heavily damaged health, the soul is crying, Sabadas rewarded ... Posthe question is, how long will it be power ie her harlequin, those funny characters saturate, molest, humiliate and kill Croatian defenders, wipe the Homeland War, mock this our people who are still bleeding? This is a real extermination that goes on in peace - which was not killed in the warin, should I kill in peace? WITHdo you still want from Vukovar? What else do you want from a war veteran, parents looking for their children, family members who do not have where to light a candle, all the dead and living in this country? You are harassing us, insulting us, humiliating the sacrifice, spitting on the sacred soil called Croatia. Until when? Will this death pass just that way? Will anybody answer?

Arsene, do you still celebrate your cyrillic plates today?

Ranko Ostojic, whom will you reward for the death of a hero now?

Matić, the defender has died from the consequences of the law he has made your click ... and you are silent again ... which is the price of your silence, is it worth living?

Milanovic, did you finally get up?

We are a majority people who have no rights other than the right to death, but it is also decided to make a click on SANU 3,4,5 ... This is truly overwhelming, a blasphemy to come to an end, because we are not here for you but you work for us - at least we should.

I'm watching the news, no one has spoken about this tragedy, this has become a scorn, not a landscaped land. How much death should you be satisfied with? All of you can be ashamed, silence is tacit approval, and you are all silent because you are a dove because you are a lax without the morals and cheeks, but you come to Vukovar every 18.11. How are you coming? To be seen, to be sacrificed to victims as you say "civil." war "... You will never succeed in promito know the facts, no matter how hard they are, but you will not be able to do all of us as well, because they are not the Chetniks, they are not the parade of the pay-roller horde, it's not the JNA, so there will not be a handful of your unattractive armchairs.

For the weird laws, for the slightest statements and actions, for the betrayal of the beasts and the beings, for every death, every tear, every candle that is lighted, any fear with the defenders and the Homeland War you will need to be punished. Not all illiterates and stupid, you are deceived, but there is God, you believe in him or not, but justice is in his hands.

PedjaGrbin asked, "How much do you Vdo the guards need to heal the wounds? "Well, if you have a brain in your head, how big is the bulb, you probably got the answer now. Awho you are, come to Vukovar and see.

Dear Darko Pajičić, let your soul now be among the angels, among the brothers and sisters of the submarines, among the 402 killed children in the Homeland War. Guarded by these angels and all the hosts of Heaven and thank you for the sacrifice you have endured for all of us. Do not worry about Croatia, we will keep it and re-ignite lights in this darkness because we are a people who have their own identity, their pride, their frustration and their strength - God is with us.

Rest in peace, because they can not so much rubbish us as we can straighten.

Let you have a slight Croatian country you loved so much.

For the Association of Zagreb Veterans of Vukovar

Tanja Polić Marković

Zorica Gregurić