On Saturday, Green Gold fired on the stitches, returning to the live performance of Three Kings Elle, Mine and I. Bee in the 90 and the golden age of the dance era. More than 20 years ago dance was a trend in Our Beautiful, and the clubs filled dance hits with crazy rhythms and easy-to-memorable lyrics. Many have predicted their end after a couple of years, but we did not convince them last night at Green Street, where the audience of different generations sang and danced on popular dance hits.

Let's remember, in the 90 years, trend music was playing in dance rhymes that filled disco clubs. The addictive dance music of 90 is still living in many clubs around our beautiful, regular weekend dance weekends weekends full of spaces. The hits of the dance 90s are known to the newer generations, so it is not surprising that many have been infected with singing, simple notes and sabbaths in dance bass until early dawn. DANCE IS BACK-we can say freely! The trio of Ella, I. Bee and Minea queens honored the audiences and confirmed that both the voice and the season were overwhelmed by the club spaces.
Just as before the 20 years in dance enthusiasm and with a curious look, they raised the Zagreb audience to their feet. Instant hits that have to somehow fall into oblivion after some years and today are singing!

The first stage of the stage jumped Ella and the song "After midnight", danced by dancers, gave the gas a crazy dance tem. There were a couple of her hits, as well as hits from her colleagues from that time, so there were songs from ET, Kassandra, Mandi and many others. The biggest surprise of the evening was her performance with her sister when they shared their hit Nine Badrić and Emilije Kokić "I'm a train" and this has further raised the pace. "When I released my voice and heard the audience singing with me" By midnight, "I went back to 90 and I felt the time was up! The atmosphere was phenomenal, and I almost shivered with happiness when I was joined by a sister who yesterday graduated "full of emotion told us after the performance of Ella

After Elle on stage, Minea came in his excited style and with the hit "Rano" greeted the audience. After that came the hits "Spades and mosquitoes. "Uberi ljubica", "If you love me Stipe", who was seldom sneering with the audience. "It is an irrepressible feeling to go to the bin and return to the 90 times, to watch some new generations who know your hits. I spread out the hands of Misha and let her "feel" when everyone is singing with you, "said Minea, who was thrilled with the audience.

Sugar in the end was the performance of the attractive I Bee. She leaned on a scarf in a purple suede and a flax to finish later in a scarce hot jacket, showing her shape, and with an enviable vocal voice in her voice. His hits were "Forest," "Years," "I've got you in the blood," "Woman of the nineties" ... and the dance style dance "I sing a song at night" by Zdravko Čolić. "I work full steam, and before the Zagreb concert I have lost 7 kilograms due to numerous obligations, so I have a line again as a high school student. Night with the audience I simply smiled together and I was just too happy to dance with the cheerful choreography with "The Forest" - she says through the laugh of fire I.Bee
How many audiences today are eager to hear jokes and good shows last night in full Green Goa where a multitude of cheerful visitors to different age groups, as well as a different genre could be seen. There were also several rockers dancing singers with the same fervor , so we can not say that Dance was again galloping on a club scene.