French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron presented themselves on Monday morning in front of Bataclan, the Paris concert hall where 13 jihadist attack was being carried out. November, announced their services.

The two of them laid the rose in front of the room where three suicides killed at least 89 people, including one British. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo joined them.

"President Hollande and me next to Bataclan," David Cameron wrote on Twitter, posting a joint photo in front of a wall with flowers, candles and French flags, in honor of the victims.

They then returned to Eliza Palace to talk about counter-terrorism and Syria, followed by a meeting with journalists.

Their talks open a week of intense diplomatic activities for President Hollande, which ten days after the attacks that killed the 130 person for whom responsibility was taken over by the IS, wants to form a big coalition against that organization.