An employee of the Intelligence and Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OSA), which last week activated an explosive device near the car of BiH General Ante Jeleča's armed forces, is likely to be dismissed, but this incident has raised the issue of who and by what criteria he is employed in security BiH services, local media say on Monday.

Osman Mehmedagić, who was nominated for the new OSA Director last week, confirmed for "Dnevni avaz" that disciplinary proceedings against employee and Zlatan Hume (24) agency have already been initiated.
The investigation by the Prosecutor's Office of Hercegovačko-Neretvanska County found that he was throwing a pyrotechnic device that exploded beside a car in which he was chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH, General Colonel Anto Jeleč, in the Salakovac tunnel near Mostar on Friday night.
No one was hurt in this incident, but he caused a lot of public disturbance, as he immediately began to speculate on the assassination attempt on General Jeleč.
Prosecutor Maja Čišić stated that the whole case is currently being treated as causing general danger.
"(Humo) had no intention of executing the assassination of the general and endangering his life, but of course he threatened him," the prosecutor said, pointing out that it was an extremely dangerous procedure that could lead to tragic consequences.
Why did Humo throw the device out of the way, and even if such an idea is not clear for now, this investigation is yet to be revealed, but the new director of OSA does not doubt that the young agent will be on the job.
"We have already initiated the procedure within OSA," Memhedagić confirmed, citing as the first step the suspension with the seizure of the official badge and the dismissal from work until the disciplinary proceeding ended.
"Probably all will be cleared as a serious breach of duty, which provides for a termination of employment," Mehmedagić said, pointing out that OSA employees must have the same laws as for all other citizens. He also admitted at the same time that recruitment and working with the young staff of this agency is only "a part of the deeper problem".

Staffing in Intelligence Agencies

BiH Intelligence and Security Agency is an integral part of the security sector reform project in BiH, conducted by 2004. with the direct engagement of the international community. Until then, there were separate, often competing entity intelligence agencies in the country that were under the direct political influence of the ruling parties.
The goal of establishing OSAs was to create a professional and depoliticised service, and the whole project was directly supervised by the US government.
CIA Director John Brennan, in a special letter in April this year, the then BiH Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanić recalled that the USA was permanently interested in it and that it is therefore extremely important for Washington to see who will replace OSA for Almira Djuva, who is the agency has run since its foundation.
While working on this work, he has remained self-sufficient, with rare public appearances, most of which has been sparked by the one with 2010. said that there are more than three thousand people in Islamic radicalism in BiH who are a potential security threat. "If you know what I know, none of you would sleep peacefully," Dzorvo said, informing parliamentarians about the security situation in the country.
Last week, the BiH Chairmanship of Jabu appointed a new ambassador to NATO and is awaiting the consent of Brussels, and the decision of the Council of Ministers to replace him was replaced by a longtime leader of the OSA's secret surveillance and documentation department, Mehmedagic, for whom he was deputy at the same time the former head of the regional office in Banja Luka Trifko Buha.
These appointments are a direct result of the political-national personnel combinatories, so Mehmedagić has been nominated on behalf of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), while Buhah has progressed as a cadre of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS).
Mehmedagić's nomination immediately prompted objections, mainly from Banja Luka, from where they insisted that during the war he was a bodyguard and then the chief of security of the President of the Presidency of BiH, Alija Izetbegovic, who, according to RS President Milorad Dodik, "controlled all intelligence and security structures, "suggesting he actually participated in the project of bringing Islamic volunteers to BiH during the war in that country, and therefore against this legacy will not even fight.
Dodik ignored the fact that the influential OSA supervisory parliamentary commission is supervised by his man, close party associate Nikola Spiric, former BiH Council of Ministers chairman and finance minister. Spiric also supported Mehmedagic's election in this committee, but not even with Spiric's appointment, things were not smooth because he opposed the SDS because of the fact that Spiric's son was employed in the OSA, and emphasized that such appointment was a direct conflict of interest.
Deputy Minister of Security of BiH Mijo Kresic confirmed that he agreed with the fact that it was time to examine who and how to work in agencies like OSA and whether people are there "just because they are somebody's sons or cousins".