HDZ President Tomislav Karamarko assessed on Monday that he was not well insisting on the joint reformation government with the SDP and the HDZ, while for Božidar Kalmeta said he expects him to resign to all the foreign office if he is opposed he raised an indictment.

"This is not good, because we and we, too, have been fighting for a bad government for four years that has led the state to this position, and now the same government at once, what should we amnestize by putting it into a new government, into a new government?" , Karamarko told reporters in front of the HDZ headquarters questioned how he commented on insisting the Bridge at the joint reformation government of the SDP, HDZ and the Bridge.

He pointed out that he did not see the meaning of this because the HDZ reforms were of a large scope. "We are a reform force, this government did not want reforms," ​​he stressed.

He recalled that the SDP had pre-election posters where Zoran Milanovic was very smiling, and they were filming his back holding shears of reform. He stressed that SDP has now agreed to all "scissors and all reforms" just to retain the possibility of remaining in power. "That's not good, so some kind of tripartite government is not a good solution"; Karamarko pointed out.

He also said that the HDZ and the Domestic Coalition have a fair attitude and present everything they have prepared about the reforms. "Our reforms have been prepared and are much much larger than what we are looking for," he said. He added he was happy about today's negotiations and hoped he would soon finish it.

"The Croatian society, the Croatian state, has no more time to wait. So the issue is also the state of the economy that is catastrophic thanks to this government, and I would also say the security aspect, "he stressed.

Asked if a possible indictment against the Zadar mayor and former HDZ Minister of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of Bozidar Kalmeta could affect his status in the party, the HDZ president replied that he never judged before the courts brought the award. But if Kalmeta raises his indictment against him (Kalmeta) is expected to resign to all the party functions.

The Zagreb County Court on Monday began to discuss the allegations of the indictment against the Zadar mayor and former HDZ Minister of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Bozidar Kalmeta, accused of sharing with his associates over 15 million and 850.000 euros from public road maintenance and construction companies .