The Zagreb County Court will Wednesday consider a new proposal for Ivo Sanader's defense, which was offered by the office of attorney Kresimir Krsnik as a guarantee for the ex-prime minister's release from the investigative prison instead of part of Sanader's family villa in Kozarčevo.

The Extra-Judicial Council will discuss the new warrant at a session that begins Wednesday at noon.

Court spokeswoman Krešimir Devcic confirmed that Sanader's defense withdrew an earlier proposal to register a pledge on one-third of the house in Kozarčevo, which did not have proper documentation, offering in exchange for Krsnik's six-bedroom apartment in Boskoviceva street in the center of Zagreb, redeployed to a law office.

Attorney Krsnik, the last reinforcement in Sanader's legal team, has already offered his real estate as a court guarantee when Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic was to be released from the investigative prison, which was finally released with a cash guarantee for which the loan allegedly had his other lawyer, Marijan Hanžeković.

Beside Krsic's Sanader defense office, former House of Commons Luka Bebić, Mirjana Sanader's apartment in Split, apartments of former HDZ deputies, Jerko Rošin and Maria Zubovic, and Jerka Duška Suic, remain in the former house. The Defense again claims that the value of all offered real estates was over 12,4 million kuna as the amount of the bail was determined by the Supreme Court.

A part of the house in Kozarčevo does not have a building permit

For the last time, the court has issued Sanader's bail, which has been repeatedly denied because of untroubled documentation of the offered real estate, and decided 16. November However, Uskok submitted to the court the documentation that resulted from the fact that the foreclosed part of the two-storey apartment in Sanader's villa in Kozarčevo did not have a construction permit.

This hearing was scheduled after the Supreme Court upheld Uskok's appeal to the decision of the 27 District Court of Appeal of the County of Zagreb. October, according to which Sanader can defend freely with the entry of a mortgage on part of the property in Kozarčevo and other previously offered real estates.

Accepting the Appeal of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court took the view that the expert witness before the County Court should more thoroughly estimate how much the value of the offered real estate is affected by the fact that the house of Bebić has no use permit and the fact that a third of Sanader's family villa in Kozarčeva Street is not leveled. Also, the Supreme Court ruled that property prices fell in relation to 2011. although the estimated value of the offered real estates is the same as the previous estimate.

Earlier acceptance of the bail did not mean that Sanader was leaving automation from Remetinca, where, without interruption, from November 2012. when the first, subsequently terminated verdict in Hypo and Ina-MOL cases was pronounced. Before that, Sanader was due to escape at the end of 2010. was detained in Austria and after the extradition in July of 2011. was in Remetinac until December of the same year when, up to the first verdict, he also defended himself freely with an identical bail of 12,4 million kuna.

A new warrant of the same amount was imposed by the Supreme Court by abolishing 1. October in the case of Fimi media, where Sanader, along with his former party, was sentenced for money laundering from state institutions and companies. The most judicial body was then called on the 2011 practice. for which they argued that it was effective, that it provided Sanader's presence in court.

Prior to release, mortgage registration is followed and promise to observe the precautionary measure

Prior to Sanader's possible release, the decision of the Cantonal Court's extraordinary council must first become final, or in the case of appeals, some of the parties should be confirmed by the Supreme Court. Only then can land records be entered into mortgages on offered real estates, and Sanader should be invited to the County Court to promise not to run and to report to the judge in question every month, according to the Supreme Court.

As the Constitutional Court annulled the verdict of the former Prime Minister for war profits in the "Hypo case" and receiving the bribe from Hungarian Mole and returned the whole case to the Zagreb County Court again, there is no one final or unlawful verdict.

He still sues him in the case of Planin, where he was charged with receiving 17 million kuna of "commission" after the Ministry of Regional Development bought a building from the former HDZ parliamentary representative and the owner of Stjepana Fiolić's butcher.

Two weeks before the Zagreb County Court, two preparatory hearings were postponed in which Sanader's chief defendant - a new trial for damage caused to HEP and a reopening of cases in Hypo and Ina-MOL cases.