Croatian MEP Ruza Tomasic on Wednesday said that peoples victims should not be honored with candles, flowers, prayer or touching words, but with determination to fight Islamic and any other extremism.

Tomasic said at a plenary session in Strasbourg in a debate with the Commission and the Council on the subject of recent terrorist attacks in Paris. "The one who misidentifies things, contributes to the disaster of the world," said Tomasic, paraphrasing Alberta Camus.

Representatives of the Commission and the Council have warned that even after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in January this year many refused to name their names, and they also ignored warnings that hiding colonists and terrorists were hiding among the refugees in the refugee colony.
Political correctness, says Tomasic, became a dogma, and the security of citizens was suppressed in the second plan.

"It is sad and embarrassing that 130 of innocent people must be killed and almost 400 be wounded, with the original plan of terrorist bullying more bloody but, fortunately, it remained unrealized, so that the police would start raids against extremists who have long been known order and security forces, "Tomasic said.