The budget proposal for 2016 was held at the session of the City of Zagreb City Assembly Control Committee on Wednesday. year. SDP representatives did not support the proposal and warned of the lack of transparency and the lack of inclusion of the announced projects in the budget, the SDP said.

Chairman of the Board of Auditors Davor Bernardic has raised the issue of non-transparency of the budget, which is reflected in the absence of more detailed elaboration of budget items. "I really do not understand why things are hiding unless something is to hide. From this one can not see what the budget is planning, "Bernardic said.

He also stressed that the proposal did not have the promise of a mayor such as the construction of 10 new kindergartens, 10 new schools and 10 new halls and added that it seemed to him to be a pre-election trick.

Bernardić reiterated his dissatisfaction with the work of the Office for Programs and Projects of the European Union. "It was two and a half years since the establishment of an office that consumes four million kunas per employee salaries annually, and in 2016. year plans to withdraw only 3 million from EU funds. What does that office do and what does it serve at all? "Said the president of the Zagreb SDP.

He also stressed the concerns of the City of Zagreb and the fall in investments and the lack of willingness to realize important projects such as the new rotor and the slope helicopter.