The Slovenian court in Krško condemned a man who had sexually abused two young girls on 23 years of imprisonment for years, which has so far been the finest punishment ever imposed in Slovenia for pedophilia.

The trial was for the integrity and protection of children held behind closed doors, but the court confirmed that Dejan H. had already begun serving a sentence that became lawful, as well as his accomplice in which everything was happening, who was disabled in the wheelchair and was a lenient punishment is imposed, and he will spend 4 and half a year behind the lattices.

The whole case is more tragic as the convicted father of the girl, who at the time of abusing attended lower grades of elementary school. Children were late when their step-by-step was taken into custody, detained by the mother, the convicted wife, and surrendered to the social service because of the strong indications that her mother knew what was going on but the case did not report.
The media say both abusers have admitted allegations of indictment, according to which abuse lasted for several years, hoping for a more favorable verdict.
Both were convicted of sexually assaulting a person under the age of 15 years and possessing them, but also creating pornographic material, where they were "served" to victims.
The highest punishment for pedophilia has so far been pronounced on Peter R. of Ptuj, who was sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment for a systematic and long-lasting sexual abuse of his own three daughters, of whom one child was born.
Pedophilia and sexual assault on juveniles are more common in Slovenian courtrooms than in 15 years, but dozens of people are sentenced to such offenses per year, but high sentences exceeding ten years in prison are rarely pronounced.
Slovenia is 2008. the year introduced the so-called. a pedophile database, a permanent database where convicted offenders are listed by the end of their lives, and access to data has, with state bodies, only pedagogical institutions and societies, to prevent contact with persuaded pedophiles with children.