Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and EU Fund Branko Grcic said on Friday that the rate of GDP growth in the third quarter of the 2,8 percent confirms that this government has definitely pulled out the country from the economic crisis and said that the new government and parliament would be constituted as soon as possible these positive trends will continue.

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) announced on Friday that GDP growth in the third quarter of this year was up by 2,8 percent over the same period last year, the highest growth rate since the second quarter of 2008.

"This is a rate that definitely confirms that this government together with its partners, which means entrepreneurs and all citizens of Croatia, definitely pulled the country out of the economic crisis," Grcic told reporters at the Banks Hall.

Recalling that since and after the end of the pre-election campaign from various sources it says that Croatia is in a particularly difficult economic situation, often wanting to justify some other moves, Grcic reiterated that Croatia definitely emerged from the crisis thanks to this government.

"But I also have to say to the Croatian public and our potential partners in the future government that we are ready to invest our efforts, knowledge and experience to continue to ensure Croatia's stability, economic stability and economic growth. This is a very clear message, we have proved, we have shown that we have led the country responsibly and that the state of the five-year, six-year recession has led to serious economic growth, "he said.

Reflecting on some comments that the economic growth rate is not large enough, Grcic said that the growth rate is now almost 3 percent, which is currently the seventh largest in Europe, while the rate of growth compared to the previous quarter of 1,3 is another the highest rate in Europe. "So definitely no longer this thesis," he said.

"Croatia is definitely now in one swing, and it is very important that the new Croatian government and parliament are formed as quickly as possible, that this negotiation process is successfully completed and that we continue to engage in a very serious job of encouraging such positive trends in the economy," he said Grcic.

Grcic also points out good data in the structure of economic growth - the greatest contribution was tourism spending, with traditionally in the past year and half or two good results of the industry, and the fact that the construction sector has grown after seven years. The government's Deputy Prime Minister believes that the Government has made a major contribution to this by launching large infrastructure projects and a large share of EU funding for these projects.

When looking at the cost method of GDP calculation, Grcic says investments have even increased 2,2 percent in the third quarter. "This is something we have been struggling and struggling all the time, and we have now come to the conclusion that the investments in Croatia are finally awakened and that this quarter has contributed most to GDP growth," he said.

He also points out that personal consumption grew for the 1,4 percent, which is more than in the previous quarter, and exports rose about 8 percent.

"The Croatian economy is definitely stabilized, we are heading in the right direction and that direction should continue with the support of the future government that is in the process of forming," says Grčić.

Agreement of the Trade Union of Public Services and the HDZ Government for discussion topic

Asked by journalists whether the growth of the 2,8 percent in the third quarter triggers the agreement of the trade unions of the public services and the HDZ government, Grcic recalled that the agreement reached during the HDZ government and that at this point it can not be prejudiced. "At this point I can not prejudge anything. This will be a serious topic of discussion by us from the coalition Croatia is growing and our future partners in the Government and we will see that with this serious question, "he said.

He also said that, according to the media, the payment of this agreement with the unions would have to be around 1,8 billion. "We will talk to our partners, and we must keep in mind that the next year is one of the breakthroughs in the process of fiscal consolidation," Grčić said.

Asked whether, if the coalition Croatia is growing up to form a government, to discuss the redefinition of the agreement with trade unions, Grcic reiterated that "this is a matter of agreement with our partners we count on in the future government".

Asked whether this economic growth raises the chances of forming a government, Grcic reiterated that he thinks that the suspicion of the success of this government is completely removed. "We have concluded this mandate with this result, it is an excellent result and the best guarantee for our potential partners to have a good, quality interlocutor with us, knowing what the state is doing and the economy," he said.

Regarding government spending, the vice president said that in all components of GDP exports have the highest rate of 8 percent, and unlike that, the growth rate of government demand from the 0,6 percent is the lowest rate in the GDP structure. "We managed to put public consumption under control, which is the state of the deficit, because the positive trend of declining the deficit continues," said Vice-President Grcic, and pointed out that Croatia had been at primary end of last month almost2 billions of kuna, which did not happen in the last seven years.

"This government is in this segment and thanks to its economic growth has managed to achieve some results in terms of further fiscal consolidation this year. This was confirmed by EC in the last report. So let's go in the right direction, "Grčić said.

Lorencin: Tourism revenue above 8 billion euros

The main months - July, August and September - were much stronger in tourism, even this September was ten percent stronger than the previous one, Tourism Minister Darko Lorencin said, commenting on GDP growth in the third quarter for 2,8 percent on an annual basis, which mostly thanks to tourism spending. He added that spending was considerably higher, which is confirmed by the fact that Croatia will make foreign currency income slightly more than EUR 8 billion.

"It is a very welcome fact that there are other companions that grow. First of all, industrial production is therefore the process industry, which is much, much higher because we know that both the processing industry and the export itself have fallen all these years, "Lorencin said at the margins of the International Wine and Culinary Festival in Zagreb, pointing out that the result of this government's creation of "these good foundations for further development, which has been done in this mandate".

The Central Bureau of Statistics also announced on Friday that industrial production in October increased year-on-year to 6,4 percent, which is its fastest growth rate since May 2007. years.