By testing a sample of two cows from a farm near the Austrian-Slovenian border, it is confirmed that cows with blue tongue-induced viruses, caused by viral serotype 4, announced on Friday the Food Safety Agency of the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture.

The test, after the first suspicion that this disease, after recent cases in neighboring Austria, first appeared in Slovenia, carried out in British Pirbright, where the European reference laboratory for this type of disease is located.
Restrictions for the prevention of the spread of blue tongue diseases have been introduced in the field of veterinary services of the Murska Sobota, Maribor, Celje and Ptuj, and will last for at least two years. Cattle breeders are advised to be cautious about possible disease symptoms when deciding to buy new throats and to report all suspected cases immediately.
The disease of the blue tongue causes the virus, and all the ruminants, including sheep, cattle, deer, deer and goats, can be affected by it. It is not transmitted to horses or pigs, nor is it dangerous for humans.
The disease is a characteristic change of lips and nasal mucosa and deformation of the papacy, and the most typical sign of disease is the characteristic blue tongue, which is the name given to it.