The management of the Italian company ABS Sisak doo has confirmed that it has made a decision to suspend production for the next quarterly period.

In a statement confirming what the workers said of Sisak steelworks on Saturday, it is stated that due to the crisis in the European steel market, ie the lack of orders, the administration made a decision on the temporary suspension of production for the next quarterly period.

"The plan is to restart the activities as soon as this enables market conditions. In order to manage these temporary conditions, during this transitional period, according to the prognosis of the plant restart, the company decided to send managers to a headquarters in Udine with the task of developing future projects. In this field ABS Sisak doo does not intend to sell the plant, and all its decisions are aimed at managing the transitional period in the best possible way. Further evidence that the Danieli Group believes in ABS Sisak is that several days ago, shareholders saw a significant increase in the share capital of ABS Sisak. At the same time, the company is aware that some of its decisions can not have completely positive consequences for the future, but it is constantly working to get it in better conditions, ready for re-production of special steel, "said in a statement signed by managing director Marco Clement .

Steel workers from former Sisak Ironworks on Saturday reported to the media that in early December there will be termination of employment contracts with about a hundred workers left and steel mills will stop production altogether. Workers have said that only a dozen will keep a "cold drive" and cancels the expensive existence, about whose destiny will be the company owned by Italian Danijela by the middle of next year.