On Saturday night, in the crowded Small Hall of the KDV Lisinski in Zagreb, the play "Puppet" of the theater "Gavran", by Mire Gavrana directed by Mladen Gavran was held. Doris Pinčić once again proved why she was awarded the Croatian Theater Award for 2013. year for the best young actress to 28 years of age for the role of Stela just in the play "Puppet", and the brilliant Robert Kurbaša as he usually played in the role of Marka. The enthusiastic audience has performed the actor three times with a brilliant applause. The presentation was followed by the Vice-President of the Croatian Parliament, Academician Željko Reiner, who after the play was associated with actors and main "guilty" performers - Miro and Mladen Gavran.

Let's remember, in the comedy "Puppet" a man who after leaving a seven year relationship, the girl begins to live with the doll-doll that is the most perfect android produced in the lab with the intent to nail a man. The Android puppet was constructed by a scientist shortly after his spouse shipwriting, so he transferred his critical look to the man in the doll. Through humorous situations, with his daring look, the doll will point the man to all the failures she has done to women and occasionally she will come to the conflicts that are inevitable in the common life of the opposite sex person. The story gradually leads us towards a cathartic and melodramatic ending that invokes the mutual understanding of women and men. And our hero and viewers through the show realize that the actual male-female relationship can not be replaced by neither bought nor virtual love.

At Laughter and Comedy The Golden Tooth 2013. in Poreč, the play "Puppet" won the Golden Tooth.