The authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina are ready to compromise in the negotiations on adjusting the interim trade agreement with the European Union to be applied to Croatia as they are aware that they can not apply for approval of candidate status for full EU membership, said Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic.

According to the Sarajevo daily "Dnevni avaz" from Monday, Varovic said that the BiH Presidency asked the country's Council of Ministers to "redefine and correct" the current negotiating position over the adjustment of the trade agreement and appoint a new team to lead this process on behalf of BiH.
"We are already working on the key steps we need to take, as well as on appointing a new negotiating team, and we will prepare for the next session of the BiH Council of Ministers," said Šarovic.
He announced this way that BiH is ready to give up its current unbearable relationship that Croatia has denied from its entry into the European Union the use of the right of duty-free exports to BiH, which other EU member states have.
Since then, the European Commission from BiH has been asking Croatia to participate unhindered in allocating the previously agreed quota for duty-free exports to that country, but the authorities in Sarajevo have been persistently opposed by reasoning that would endanger domestic production, especially the food and agriculture sectors.
In all the present performances, the BiH authorities have insisted that the EU in return for equal treatment of Croatia must offer concessions on the quota quota principle, or open its own export market for BiH, such as sugar and wine.
Sarovic has indicated that the new position is in essence a "search for compromise if possible".
"We will see if at least part of our demands will be the answer (from Brussels) to our benefit," said Sharovic, saying that the dynamics of the entire negotiation process depend on it.
The aim of the new approach is to ensure that the conditions for obtaining candidate status for EU membership are met, because the authorities in BiH have to apply for it by the end of February next year.
The European Commission has clearly determined that adapting the Interim Trade Agreement is one of the key conditions BiH must fulfill if it wants a candidate status.