Charles Michel

Belgium wants to establish a "European intelligence agency", primarily to strengthen anti-terrorism co-operation, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said on Monday.

"Today we have difficulty because information on the European plan is exchanged bilaterally ... today there is no harmonized data exchange at the European level," Michel told the French radio station RTL.

"If intelligence functions flawlessly in the exchange of information, no assassination would ever happen in the world, but there is no uniformity in the exchange of information," he added.

"We need to establish a European intelligence agency, the European CIA, as soon as possible, which will collect data on individuals" suspected of radical intent "and" expose those who have hostile intentions, "Michel said.

Investigation of bloody jihadist attacks on Paris 13. November, in which the lives of 130 people were lost, has apparently overcome the shortcomings between intelligence services.

European Commissioner for Home Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos has proposed the creation of a European Intelligence Agency on Friday.

But in order for this idea to be implemented in practice, it would be necessary to change some agreements within the European Union, and several member states, such as Germany, do not hide their disagreement with it.