Although at the first gathering of deputies from the new Parliamentary Assembly remained for less than three days, nothing in the building of the Croatian Parliament shows anything - the parliamentary corridors on Monday were empty and silent, and the offices still had the names of the deputies from the last, seventh convocation .

That is how it will be until the new Parliament is formed and boards and clubs are formed, only then will it be known who the representative in the room will say in the Parliament and interpret that process always requires some time, and especially now when it is not certain who will have the parliamentary most and how to allocate power to parliament.

MPs therefore on Thursday, 3. December, when a constitutive session is convened, they can come directly to the parliament or the clubs if they have it before, they say in the Parliament.

For half of the deputies, that day will be the first parliamentary experience. Namely, 151 representatives were chosen for the first time by 76, and the previous parliamentary experience has 75.

On the first day in the Parliament, MPs are usually photographed for MPs, and they will see whether this is the case this time.

The new eighth convocation of the Croatian Parliament meets at the first session in a situation that has not been in the past 25 years since no political option has the majority, that is, the 76 representative. Therefore, the question is whether the Speaker of Parliament will be elected, which is, on Markov Square, a "zero point" for other parliamentary affairs and processes.

The Constitution prescribes that the Parliament constitutes the election of the President at the first session where the majority of 151's elected representatives are present, namely 76. Along with the rare exceptions, all the constituent sessions gathered all the deputies. Although we are up to the session, there are still many unknowns, say MPs.

Still, a part of the parliamentary scenario for Thursday is certain. A welcome to the assembled MPs will also be chaired by Josip Leko, the president of the previous convocation, if he is prevented by the representative of Marija Ilić (HSU) as the oldest elected representative.