The leadership of the HDZ in Zagreb sent a press release from today's press conference, which stated that the budget proposal will be discussed at 34. session of the City Assembly, dropped. Namely, they point out that no capital projects, investments, and its purpose are solely self-sustaining.

- Not the City of Zagreb just a center. Obviously, the mayor has forgotten the edge parts like Brezovica. Where are the budget funds for those famous 10 schools, 10 kindergartens and 10 halls? What about younger families and investing in their future? The easiest way is to come, promise and forget the way the current mayor is. Thus, the city can not lead - emphasized the president of the HDZ, Andrija Mikulic, who adds that guiding the City on an ad hoc basis HDZ has been warning for longer and that's why such bad budget proposals are happening.

Brezovica City Council President Vladimir Iviček stressed that residents of Brezovica are angry because they pay the same prize as all residents of Zagreb, and the basic conditions are not yet secured, the HDZ said.