In Pula gymnasium, commemoration was held for two pupils who died in a car accident around midnight on Saturday at Pula-Fažana county road, and Fažana municipality died due to the death of 17-year Elena Đurić from Valbandon and 16-year Francesce Šuran from Fazana today declared the Day of Mourning.

School colleagues, friends and professors forgot about Elena and Francesca, and at the entrance to the school, students and professors lit candles in memory of their students and students, while a black flag was shown in front of the school with a grudge. The corridors are silent, there is no teaching, and there is a book of sorrow on the commemoration.

Because of this tragedy, the Director of Gymnasium Branko Antunovic Snape launched a protocol of emergency interventions, which includes psychological assistance for students, teachers and parents. Everyone at one of the girls has only words of praise, inseparable friends, beautiful and good schoolgirls, friends.

"Everyone is difficult, the disciples and all the professors are in great shock, we simply can not believe that Elena and Francesca are gone. Their livelihoods have just begun and have already ended, it is not fair, "said Snape Antunovic and said that they would stay forever in their hearts.

Because of their tragic deaths, the Municipality of Fažana declared the Day of Mourning.

The incident occurred on Sunday five o'clock after midnight, when the 18-year-old driver from the Marcano "Citroen Xsara" landed off the road and hit the tree due to improper speed. At the time of the accident there were eight people, six girls and two young men.

Two girls were killed at the scene of the accident, two of their peers and an 15-year-old boy were severely injured and detained in Pulaski General Hospital, while the 18-year-old driver and 17-year-old boy suffered minor injuries.

According to police data, a young driver from Marcana, at the time of the accident, had 0,26 promises alcohol in the blood, and criminal charges would be filed against him to cause traffic accidents in road traffic.