Along with the local cemetery at Gornji Selište, not far from the Clay, an exhumation of dead bodies from a mass grave was buried in which bodies were buried after the humanitarian aiding of the terrain that was carried out after the military-police operation of Storm 1995. years.

According to available data, it is assumed that in the mass grave tens of bodies are mostly civilians, but probably Serb soldiers.

In addition to the Croatian expert teams, representatives of the Missing Persons Commission of the Republic of Serbia and the International Office for Missing Persons of BiH are also present at the exhumation.

The entire fieldwork, which is carried out according to the strict rules of the profession, will last another ten days. The site of the mass grave was visited by Defense Minister Predrag Matić, who said that samples of DNA analysis will be taken here, after which the remains will be returned to this location and stored in Mirogoj and Osijek. When the bodies are compared in the blood samples of family members, they will be sent to the Shalom for identification and then handed over to the burial families according to the procedure.

"The bodies of civilians in this area were buried here. I believe most will be identified in order to make the figure of the 1591 people, the Croatian citizens we still claim after the Homeland War, to diminish. Here are all the 1995 bodies. year burial according to the rules of the profession, with the data, which will make our experts considerably easier to work. I believe that for three to four months the family will be called for identification. Unfortunately we already have hundreds of common tombs, so the numbers we have are not yet final, "he said.

He announced that there will soon be two more identifiers at Salala, where some thirty persons should be identified and handed over to their families. We want this large number of missing persons to be reduced to zero, but we are aware that this will not be possible. According to the number of those looking for and already found, Croatia is ahead of the region, Europe and the world. We estimate that the 90 percent of people we are looking for have already been found, "said Minister Matic.

The exhumation was also attended by the head of the Missing Persons Commission of the Republic of Serbia, Veljko Odalovic, who expressed satisfaction with co-operation with Croatian expert bodies and the professionalism of exhumation. He thanked the Croatian side, who, as he said, always met Serbian demands and always after the works made a checkout dig.

"This whole process will take several months and each country will try to resolve as many cases as possible in accordance with its regulations. If they talked about the number of victims at this location, they could only make a mistake. So let's let the professionals do their job and find the exact number of bodies found. Only so, professionally and responsibly, a single case may end. We have aligned the lists, figures and data with the Croatian side, which are undisputable, but we should not spend time and energy on numbers, "Odalovic said.