In Belgrade there is 3. and 4. In December, the Ministerial Council of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) will be held, and with exceptional security measures, the Serbian capital will host more than 40 Foreign Ministers, 57 Member States delegations, and 11 Mediterranean and Asian Partner organizations.

The formal part of the meeting begins on Thursday morning with the speeches of ministers and other guests, and the delegations are already arriving in Belgrade, because during the day there are a series of working meetings that are expected to harmonize the standpoints and prepare the decisions to be adopted at the Ministerial Council during a two-day meeting.

The OSCE Ministerial Meeting will be held in Belgrade's Kombank Arena, for this occasion converted into a conference center, which will receive more than 1.000 participants, including more than the 40 OSCE Foreign Affairs Ministers.

The summit will be held with extraordinary security measures, which are further elevated to the highest level after recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and tensions on the international political scene following the incident in which Turkey overwhelmed the Russian SU-24 fighter plane on the border with Syria.

About the security of the participant he will care about the 7.000 police officer, the five security rings in which the sniper will be set up.

According to announcements in the Belgrade press, a part of the OSCE Summit Security Plan is a very strict protocol that even avoids accidental meetings of officials of conflict or wounded states.

The OSCE Ministerial Council is also the first international meeting to be attended by Russian and Turkish diplomatic chiefs after the incident with the defeat of the Russian military air force, but their meeting, as stated, will not be even "if there is no agreement among them to meet ".

"All exiles will have their own space and separate rooms. This ensures that there is no meeting with those who do not want it on the margins of this gathering, "Belgrade sources said.

The media find that such a summit "can only be compared to political conferences with non-aligned conferences during the reign of Josip Broz Tito".