Three of the SDSS officials, Vojislav Stanimirovic, Milorad Pupovac and Mile Horvat, as well as two members of the Bridge, Spokesperson Nikola Grmoja and Mayor of Omiš Ivan Kovačić, discussed with the police investigators on Wednesday about alleged threats, pressures and "trading mandates "In an attempt to form a parliamentary majority and a new government.

"I was, I made a statement and signed that I can not comment on the content of the media," Grmoja Hini said, adding that in these few cases it is obviously about trade in parliamentary mandates.

She did not want to answer what she was thinking of. Grmoja said that the mayor of Omis and the member of the Ivan Kovacevic Bridge were informed in an informative conversation, and that both of them were kept in conversation for twenty minutes.

Prior to leaving the police, Grmoja told the media that he would say what he has, but added that he expects "the same talk will be called Prime Minister Milanovic and Minister of Defense Kotromanovic and Mr. Prgomet and Mr. Rašković and Mr. Kalmeta."

Neither President SDSS Milorad Pupovac Hin wanted to find out what he was talking to with the police.

"All three of us, Stanimirovic, Horvat and I have talked with the police, but I can not say what, because after a statement I signed that I will not talk about it," Pupovac said.

Uskok announced on Tuesday that it had ordered the police to investigate possible threats and supposedly buying, or trade, the mandates that some of the MPs publicly complained of based on the media.

The pressures and threats were, among other things, criticized by the SDSS's "fugitive" Mirko Rašković, who requested protection of President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović during the consultations at Pantovčak, claiming that his party was threatened to "take his head".

Rašković's allegations Pupovac responded to charges against HDZ that he pressured Rašković to ensure that the deputy withdrew the signature for Milanovic as a mandate.

A few days after that exits Rašković left the party, and Pupovac said he believes Rašković's mandate belongs to the SDSS and expects him to return it to the party, "especially because there are indications that it is an organized robbery mandate." (Hina)