The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague has called on Croatia and Slovenia on Wednesday to further comment on the legal consequences of the Croatian position that the arbitration process for resolving cross-border disputes is over, and announced that in March next year it intends to hold another court hearing .

Croatia because the two-letter arbitration tribunal announced in July this year that it had initiated the procedure of termination of the arbitration agreement, because Slovenia had substantially violated its provisions and that it had informed Ljubljana that it had come out of the arbitration agreement and the procedure it deemed irrecoverably compromised, to the Vienna Convention on International Conduct Law.
Slovenia then sent the court a letter stating that it does not accept Croatia's "unilateral departure" from the agreement, but considers that the proceedings before the arbitrators should continue and result in a verdict binding on both sides.
PCA said in a statement on its website on Wednesday that the arbitration tribunal was again completed after the resignation of the earlier Croatian and Slovenian arbitrators because the arbitrator appointed two new arbitrators in that body and now can decide on Croatia's request for arbitration to be concluded , that is, the legal consequences of that standpoint, which must be made manifest by both old people.
The Croatian government expects additional arguments on its stand in the courtroom to expose 15. January, and from Slovenian to 26. next February, and the court states that after that he intends to hold another hearing in March.
The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately confirmed that it received a notification from the arbitral tribunal, and reiterated the well-known position of Ljubljana that the arbitration proceedings should be resumed and concluded by binding judgment.