For the membership of Serbia in the European Union, 56 would vote on a referendum as a percentage of citizens, and against the 26 percent, which is a much more positive mood than in July, the results of the latest public opinion poll published on Wednesday.

Citizens' relations with the EU are stable, and 44 has a generally positive opinion about the Union, while 28 is a negative opinion, said Sladjana Brakus, executive director of TNS Medium Galup, a researcher of 1. to 7. October on a sample of 1.247 respondents.
"The most common reasons for citizens supporting EU membership are a better future, prosperity, better job opportunities and a better standard of living. Opponents of Serbia's EU membership as main reasons cite poverty and unemployment, loss of national identity and sovereignty, and exploitation of natural resources, "said Brakus.

According to the results of the survey of the Serbian Silence European Integration Office in July this year, for EU membership in the referendum would declare 49 percent of citizens, 28 percent would be against.

A more positive attitude towards the EU is for younger and more educated citizens, and EU membership supports voters of democratic orientation parties, including the ruling coalition parties led by the Serbian Progressive Party and its key coalition partner of the Socialist Party of Serbia.
The research results show that 46 percent of citizens believe that recognition of Kosovo's independence is a key condition Serbia has to fulfill to become a member of the EU. In this context, 64 is a percentage of citizens against the recognition of Kosovo's independence if it were crucial for EU membership while at the same time the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and normalization of relations supports around 60 percent of citizens.
Head of EU Delegation in Serbia Michael Davenport commented on the results of the research by saying that "Brussels does not ask Serbia to recognize Kosovo" but from Belgrade expects "a comprehensive normalization of relations with Pristina", Beta agency has forwarded.
More than half of the respondents - the 53 percent, expect Serbia to become an EU member in the next decade or earlier, while 14 percent believe it will never happen.