Only one nomination for the nomination of the Speaker of the Parliament - 55 SDP Coalition Party members was announced in the parliamentary procedure - Croatia Growth has suggested appointing a representative of the Independent List of Roberto Podolnjak's deputies, but HDZ's deputies and Podolnjak himself, who refused the candidacy.

Mr Podolnjak explained that his nomination would be acceptable only if he was to decide on a consensus, and President Josip Leko noted that it means that there is no valid proposal in the procedure and that the session has been interrupted and announced that it will continue when the majority necessary for the constitution of the Parliament.

The current President of the Croatian Parliament, Josip Leko, opened this morning the first session of the newly elected Eighth Parliamentary Assembly.

"It was my duty and honor to open the first session and temporarily preside over the presidential election," Leko said, and noted that all 151 representatives were present at the session.

Leko welcomed all newly appointed MPs and congratulated them on choosing a well-respected and responsible MP.

Particularly welcomed President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, former Presidents of Parliament, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and members of the Government, representatives of the judiciary, political party leaders, representatives of religious communities and other guests.

Before switching to the key point of election of the Speaker of Parliament, Leko noted that former SDSS spokeswoman Mirko Rašković could not vote for this election. Rašković resigned on his acting duty conditional, that resignation came into force at the time of the constitution of the Parliament, ie the election of the president, Leko said.

Before the start of the session, newly elected representatives are required to register their attendance at the meeting.

Podolnjak: It is a honor to be a folk advocate

MP Robert Podolnjak said on Thursday, before the constitutive session of the Croatian Parliament, that it is a great honor to be a "national representative" but refused to comment on unofficial information by which Bridge, with the aim of securing the constitution of the Parliament, suggests SDP and HDZ coalition, to support him for the Speaker of Parliament.

"I'm excited! It is ceremonial, and being a national representative is a great honor, "said briefly Podolnjak.
Asked if he would still be elected president, he repeated that he is now a great honor to be a member of the Croatian Parliament, "Is it a little," he wondered.
Lider Mosta Bozo Petrov was not eloquent in the morning, and to whom he would support, he replied, "I hope it will be the way we have proposed, but now we will see how things will be done."