In derby 19. The first HNL rounds in Zagreb have beaten Dinamo's Hajduk with 2-1 (1-1) by El Hilal Soudania at the last moments of the match.

It was a derby played in almost impossible conditions, in the dense fog that dropped to the Maksimir Stadium, but the players of both teams provided excellent and quality football. The decision fell in fourth minute of court compensation, but Hajduk, who was more than just an opponent, could also win.
Dynamo has already brought it to 5. minute after corner kick Machado Chilean Junior Fernandes was left alone and his head was five meters behind. In 17. Hajduk equalized after an impressive pass from the right flank was blocked by Mijo Caktaš, who smashed it into the open goal. At the last moments of the first half, Caktaš had the best chance, but his ten-meter volley ended high above the door.
In 49. minute Tin Sven Sušić tried to surprise Eduard but shot at the right post, but 57 did not go for a shot. minute the same player was ahead of goalkeeper Dino who blocked his shot. In 62. minutes Algerian Soudani tried "scissors" and in 69. minute, Splićani missed another big chance. Nikola Vlasic has driven Marc Bencun who fails to switch Eduard. Sojourn in 74. minute kicked the ground kick, which goalkeeper Kalinić defended, and the brilliant interventions of the goalkeeper in the second half continued on the opposite side of Eduardo who managed to defeat the blow of Vlasic. In 90. The minutes were shut down by Hajduk Jefferson, in order for Fernandes to drop a good shot at the far corner of the court. And when it was expected that the third round of the two most popular Croatian teams would be finished with a bend, literally at the last moments of the encounter, Fernandes shakes the ball up to Soudania who I like with six meters to dangle the ball under the beam to win Dinamo.
Dinamo took the lead in the highest number of points (39) as well as Rijeka, while Hajduk remained third with 35 points.
Vučemilović from Osijek was judging by 10.000 viewers at Maksimir Stadium.
Shooters: 1-0 Fernandes (5), 1-1 XtumX (17), 2-1 Soudani (90 + 4)
Red Card: Jefferson (Haj, 90) (Hina)