The 51 ceremony. The Blue Ribbon of Life Rescue Workers and Property at the Sea was held on Sunday night at Marin Držić's Dubrovnik Theater - in the singular Blue Ribbon competition he was awarded to Mari Čurkov, and the team prize was awarded to two winners - six Cromaris employees and a crew of the HRM ship "Andrija Mohorovičić".

On behalf of the 26-year-old Maria Čurkova from Kastel Novi, another officer of the deck of the ship Ocean Drover, the award was taken by his girlfriend Dajana Marišić, and by Ana Maria and Miljenko Čurkov.
In a statement to reporters, he said he was very proud of the son of Mary who was granted this recognition because last year he saved a colleague of the Filipino boatman on board aboard a safe death when he entered the fire to unleash a relentless colleague.
"When the son went to the ship I said - just to be a man. Wherever he went to be a man. I'm proud of what my son is, "said Father Miljenko Čurkov.
First time after 18 years, or 1997. the Blue Ribbon of Vjesnik in the team competition went to the hands of two winners - six Cromaris workers to rescue the Zagreb boater on the glider in flames and crew of the HRM vessel "Andrija Mohorovičić" who rescued 2566 in August of this year's search and rescue operation migrants.
The HRM commander, "Andrija Mohorovičić" Stjepan Giljević, pointed out that it was his honor to be among these people who all made very brave work.
"It was an honor to be among the people who made brave work. For what they did, man must be sacrificed and have a line of selflessness and the desire to save people. Humanity can not be commanded, and saving human life is the most noble thing. This is what all of us have done and we will remember all our lives and be proud and happy for that, "he said after the ceremony Giljević.
One of the Cromaris employee who was on the assignment, Marin Školjarov, recalled their rescue operations, saying it was a 'movie scene'.
"We are not the only professionals here, we were surprised by the nomination, let alone win the prize. When we rescued the man to whom the glider lit up, and he himself was in flames, it was a film scene. When we just saw something worse, we looked at 15 for a second, there was enough ships there, but nobody wanted to help. We did not think much, we tied up for the boat and saved him. It was an instinctive reaction, "says Skoljarov, who received the award with his fellow students, Josip Kraljic and Josip Košt.

Otherwise, Ivo Svorinić, the harbor captain from Sali on Dugi otok, Supetar Ante Dobronić and Podgoranin Stanislav Sumić, were still in the competition.
In the team competition were still Dubrovnik's Tomislav Margaretić and Toni Knego and the crew of the ship Danče Luče Kapetanije Dubrovnik.
1966 was founded by the Vjesnik Blue Ribbon. Ratko Zvrko, Croatian writer and then editor of the Maritime Publishing House in Vjesnik. After extinguishing that list, the Blue Ribbon was taken over by the Union of Seafarers of Croatia.