President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović of the National Security Council has requested investigation into the release of a document from the Security Intelligence Agency (SOA) about the war and the role of former SDSS member Mirko Rašković in the Homeland War, spokesman on Monday told journalists President of the Office Luka Đurić.

Tjednik Telegram, in its latest issue, has published an unclassified SOA document on Mirko Rašković's War Route, featuring Tomislav Karamarka, then the boss of SOA. The HDZ reacted sharply to this text and called the state top, and especially the top of the intelligence community to protect former members of the intelligence system.

The HDZ argued that this document was signed by a person who would have to sign it according to the jurisdiction. Rašković had the status of defense attorneys and invalids and the rank of Major Intelligence Service of SZUP.

The problem is, they believe in HDZ, that in this case the intelligence, courage and loyalty of a man towards Croatia, Rašković, is cheaply used for day-to-day politics.

The media are expecting to check the facts well and do not draw conclusions based on malicious designs. HDZ also questions why and how such a document came out to the public.

The case of Mirko Rašković, a parliamentary deputy, drew public attention when he decided not to back the coalition Croatia was growing, to which SDSS counterparts signed it and when he requested political protection in Pantovcak from the president of the Republic, is exposed. A few days ago Rašković left the SDSS.