Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić announced on Monday that Defense Minister Bratislav Gašić could no longer stay there after a disgraceful banter that he offended and humbled on Sunday with B92 journalist and all women.

On behalf of the government, Vucic sent an apology to journalist B92 Zlatiji Labovic and to all women in Serbia. He also said that Gašić's apology was not enough, considering that despite the good leadership of the defense, he could no longer be a minister in his government.

The Serbian defense minister has sparked public anger and aroused the avalanche of convictions on social networks where his resignation or resignation was requested because he had insulted a journalist B92 during a Yesterday's visit to the First Trilogic factory in Trstenik. Following the journalists who had been waiting for him after a visit to the Trstenica factory, Gašić saw B92 journalist kneeling that he would not be in the camera with his fellow filmmakers, commenting: "What I like about journalists who are kneeling so easily", and his statement soon became viral on Youtube and spread to social networks.

Gašić's statement during the evening in a real avalanche on social networks rated "sexist", "disgraceful", "primitive", "prospect", Gašić called "prospect" and "primeval primitive", and because of the great public pressure he was forced to react and Prime Minister Vučić, evaluating the Defense Minister's comment as "shameful behavior without justification".

Serbian Prime Minister told reporters today that Gašić's statement was a "bad message" and that "it must pull the line between normal, civilized and decent Serbia" and those that Serbia does not want to do and want to disrupt and demolish in every way. "We need to protect women in Serbia. That was a bad message for all women. One minister can not afford it, "Vučić said, explaining at the same time that Gašić was his friend and one of the most talented ministers and the most prominent in the government and the advanced SNS, and that he was doing the job well. Still, he stressed that there are no justifications and excuses for Gašić's proceedings.

Sam Gašić apologized late last night for the incident, citing the statement of the ministry of defense at Twiter, and then referring to the media as "no justification for his statement" and "shameful and scandalous behavior" and apologized to the journalists and to the Serbian public.

The Serbian defense minister has been found earlier in the fierce public after the tragic collapse of the 13 military helicopter. March in which seven people were injured during the mission of rescuing babies from central Serbia, for which they issued an order despite extremely bad weather conditions.