After a few days of dense fog that greatly reduces the visibility on the roads, the police urged the drivers to first and foremost look at the speed and distance between the vehicles, and bikers and pedestrians to wear reflective clothing when traveling on a carriageway.

"Fog is dangerous due to its sudden and occasional appearance and because of its uneven density. During the fog, the visibility and the visibility of the participants are much less visible, and traffic participants can not see well enough to see what is going on and around the road, "the MUP warned on his website.

The police therefore advise drivers to increase the distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them and reduce the speed of movement so that they can react quickly and, if necessary, stop their vehicle.

"They are also obliged to timely, by including appropriate direction indicators, to warn other traffic participants to change direction of their movement. When driving backwards it is necessary to include all four direction indicators, "police said to drivers.

Cyclists and pedestrians recall that use of reflective clothing or lining and light on bicycles during low visibility conditions will help to better understand the bicycle and pedestrian driver and the smaller number of victims.