President of the Republic, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, said on Monday after the second round of consultations on the mandate of the Government that he refuses any kind of pressure, and that by the end of the process will protect the Constitution and insist on the full implementation of the constitutional provision that for the granting of mandate status requires the support of most MPs in the Croatian Parliament, and since there is no such support for now, the third round of consultations will be next week.

"I want to make clear and dissuasive message to all political actors that I will persist in the end of this process for the full implementation of the constitutional provision that for the status of a mandate is conditional upon the support of most MPs in the Croatian Parliament. I am most reluctant to dismiss any kind of pressure, "Grabar-Kitarović said in public conversation after the second round of consultations.
She stressed that "unfortunately today it has been shown that nobody still has the necessary majority of all MPs in Parliament"

"I also call on all heads of state institutions, especially the security system, not to endanger the security of Croatian citizens and the Croatian state by their actions", said the Croatian president. President Grabar-Kitarović today asked the National Security Council to investigate how the Security Intelligence Agency (SOA) 'exhausted' a document about the war's path and the role of former SDSS member Mirko Rašković in the Homeland War.

In his address, the President also emphasized that he would insist on the protection of the Constitution and constitutional law.

"Croats and Croats and all Croatian citizens have authorized me to protect the Constitution, the democratic values ​​and the stability of the constitutional order and state institutions on their behalf. I will persevere in this and will not allow anyone from any particular interest to jeopardize the stability of the state and the democratic order, "she said.

He once again called elected parliamentary representatives "to full responsibility for the citizens who chose them".