Slovenia does not oppose the fence that Austria places at the border crossing Spielfeld / Šentilj, which has so far passed the largest number of refugees despite some belief that Prime Minister Mire Cerara's government should be called to awaken.

Commenting on the beginning of the fence on Monday, the Slovenian Foreign Ministry stated that it was a temporary measure that Austria had agreed with Slovenia in order to better guide the wave of refugees and migrants.
If nothing is unexpected about what Slovenia would have to contradict, the fact that Austria is setting up a new refugee center in its embankment, which means that they will continue to receive them, have been assessed by the Slovenian Foreign Ministry.
On the other hand, opposition parties who repeatedly warned Cerar that Slovenia would be able to find outside the Schengen area because of the failure of a large number of refugees without proper control, arguing that the Austrian measure was a cause for concern.
"This is an alarm that has to awaken the Slovene government," former Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel told the opposition portal "".
In order not to expose the danger of staying outside the Schengen area after the so-called " the mini-schengen that has been speculating for some time, Slovenia would have to strengthen the control of refugees on the border with Croatia, Rupel said.
He argues that Slovenia should only pass migrants with passports and shingles, and the European Union is seeking to help Slovenia control the borders towards Croatia, where it has already set up 110 kilometers of wire fence for better migration wave guidance.