Retired General General of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sakib Mahmudin was arrested on Tuesday in Sarajevo on suspicion of being responsible for war crimes committed in central Bosnia, the BiH Prosecutor's Office investigating the case said.

During the war, Mahmuljin performed the duty of Commander 3. the corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which the unit of "El Mujahideen" was composed, consisting mostly of volunteers from Islamic countries.

The members of this unit committed a full range of serious war crimes, including ritual murders of prisoners such as the head of the jail, and an ICTY was launched by the ICTY, which subsequently handed it over to the BiH judiciary.

Mahmuljin is suspected of committing responsibility for acting contrary to the provisions of international humanitarian law and Geneva Conventions.

He is charged with the crimes committed in the period from July to October 1995. during the offensive combat operations of 3 units. corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the wider area of ​​Vozuće on the mountain of Ozren, in which also the unit of "El Mujahideen" participated.

It was stated that the members of that unit then killed about fifty Serbian prisoners of war. They had hijacked them before the other unit that captured them.

Investigation is also being conducted for the inhumane treatment of 20 prisoners of war and civilians who had refuted the mujahedin to hand over military police units in accordance with the command.

It is stated that General Mahmudin, as commander of the corps, failed to prevent the commission of these war crimes offenses against prisoners of war and civilians by members of the unit "El Mujahideen" and failed to punish them after the crime was committed.

He feared he had information about the war crimes of Mujahedin as well as preparations for their commission, but how he did nothing to prevent them.

Mahmuljin is suspected of war crimes against war prisoners, war crimes against civilians and war crimes against wounded and patients.

After arrests and trials, the BiH Prosecutor's Office will decide whether to seek custody of Mahmudia.