Hungary's relations with Slovakia and Serbia are "exceptionally good", unlike the relationship with Croatia that "have never been worse," said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in parliament on Tuesday.

The outcome of the current warming of relations with Croatia was in Croatian criticism of Hungary's migration policy, as well as the fact that it did not comply with the agreement on the construction of gas interconnection between the two countries, said the Hungarian Prime Minister, calling this failure "with a serious threat" to Hungary's energy security.
He said that, despite the fact that cooperation with Slovakia and Serbia is full of "challenges, tensions and problems of the past," pragmatic cooperation helps resolve this situation.
He emphasized that the most important building of trust is mutual, as well as the development of cooperation when important issues are important, as this is the basis for solving difficult issues.
Szijjarto also said that bilateral relations with Romania are a kind of challenge because they are at the lowest level so far, blaming former Prime Minister Victor Ponte and his policy towards Hungary. He adds that Romania remains a very important business partner of Hungary.