The Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina filed a war crimes indictment on Tuesday with a former member of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) of Saša Savinović charged with murdering and persecuting Bosniak civilians in Mostar.

Savinovic (40) during the war in BiH was a member of the HVO unit "Penitentiary Battalion - Benko Penavić" and from the BiH Prosecutor's Office it was announced that he was charged with the murder of four Bosniak nationals, including one baby.
Together with three other members of the HVO Savinovic was in August 1993. from his apartment in western Mostar, and then killed a fourteen-year-old Bosniak family.
The bodies of the killed, including the remains of the baby, were subsequently found in the area of ​​Bijelo Brdo.
Savinovic also participated in the expulsion of another Bosniak family who was threatened with death by crossing the eastern part of Mostar.
The BiH Prosecutor's Office is therefore charged with participating in the persecution of the Bosniak population on national, religious and ethnic grounds and for participation in the killings, illegal captions and forced deportations.